"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman." - Coco Chanel


This blog was created out of our love for the latest fashion finds mixing high-end items with low-end basics creating outfits ranging from the modern classic to the trendy fashionista.  We hope this blog serves as a great resource for all your fashion needs and more!

A little bit on the blogger girls behind "My Sassy Style"

Melanie- based out of MD

Not new to the blogger realm, Melanie has blogged for personal, beauty, food, photography and now onto her newest blogging adventure - fashion. Since fashion comes in a variety of styles, she has collaborated with few of her friends to add their fashion expertise catering to a wide-range of fashionistas out there. Melanie's style can be described as comfy casuals to classic romantic to trendy elegance.

Linda- based out of MD

If Linda could shop as her full-time job, she would. She can sniff out the best deals out there and always have the greatest luck in finding awesome pieces to add to her wardrobe. Her vices are shoes and chunky jewelries. Linda's style can be described as preppy to park avenue to fashion-forward chic.

Amy- based out of CA

Amy's hobbies are catching up on fashion and beauty blogs whenever she gets a break from her busy schedule. Her love of reading up on fashion trends led her desire to be a monthly contributor to My Sassy Style whenever time allows it. With Amy being on the West Coast, she will be blogging trends that are suitable for Cali weather. Amy's style can be described as flirty to romantic to trendy chic.

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